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Manuel - 12th grade Marketing

Billy - 11th grade _____

Cristian - 11th grade ____

Estuardo - 11th grade Tourism

Karen - 11th grade Accounting

Abner - 10th grade Agriculture Studies

Ericka - 10th grade ____

Jordy - 10th grade Pre-Med

Israel - 10th grade _____

Helen - 9th grade

Jazmin - 9th grade

Jenifer - 9th grade

Ema - 9th grade

Ximena - 9th grade

Yendy - 9th grade

Isaac - 8th grade

Pabel - 8th grade

Dabinson - 8th grade

Naaman - 8th grade

Nereyda - 8th grade

Claudia - 8th grade

Libni - University Psycology

Wilson - University Nursing

Heidy - University International Chef

Ana - University Social Work



scholarshipped through Elévate

Enrique - 2022 Grad Mechanic

Jazmin - 2022 Grad Fashion Design



2020 Graduate Culinary Arts



2020 Graduate Pre-Med

Luz María

Luz María

2020 Graduate Accounting



2020 Graduate Culinary Arts



2019 Graduate Accounting

Scholarship Program || 2023 Students


This year Elévate has 35 middle and high school students receiving scholarships. The scholarships include enrollment fees, monthly tuition, school supplies and uniforms. Some students also receive transportation money or other special fees depending on their study of choice.


Each student has a monthly sponsor (and in special cases, two sponsors) who gives a student a chance to study through their donation. 

Middle school scholarships are $30 / monthly.

High school scholarships are $60 / monthly.

University scholarship are $90 / monthly.

If you're interested in becoming a monthly sponsor for our scholarship program or have interest in helping with special needs in 2023, please contact Lauren at

To give towards our scholarship program, click the donate button below. You will be re-directed to our giving page and you'll choose "EG School Scholarships" as the sub-fund. Thanks!

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